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August 2016

Suttenwood Photography Launches - Having spent all my time photographing cats, friends events and more, Alec Suttenwood finally launches his own company and goes ‘Pro’


 It’s a rough ride to start with! I am immediately booked for a wedding for the following year and set about learning how to shoot weddings with another photographer “Soulful Reflections”, this blooms into working with more and more locally established wedding photographers as time goes on, by the time my own commission comes around, we are ready! (And we friggin nail it, too!)

Other works comes pouring in with families, pets and events and I start to figure out exactly where my strengths are with this kind of work, it took me some time, but I eventually found my stride! - Alec



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January 2018

Prongs Pet Photography site is launched, Alec specializes in pets and their imagery.


I love animals… I just love them! Over the years of working as a photographer nothing would make me personally happier then an inquiry about a dog, cat or lizard of some kind (Never got around to horses, strange but true). Sooner or later I felt the need to pick a lane, specialize in something! Pets were the obvious answer and I set about starting my own specialized brand for the project ‘Prongs Pet Photography’’

To this day I think this may be my favorite thing I have done, the most fun I’ve had doing any one thing was usually trying to convince something furry to sit still and look pretty. - Alec


May 2019

Imagery isn’t all Alec can do, he can write websites, shoot and edit videos, stream games and raise money for Chairy… The list goes on, it’s time for a re-brand


I think there comes a time in every good company when it’s time to trim sails and change things up a bit. No sooner then I started to specialize in pets, I started getting asked about websites, graphical overlays, cinematography and so on! “Would you be interested in helping us raise money for this… etc”

What am I to do? I love getting involved in all this stuff so it’s time to put my thinking hat on and change the way I do things around here, Prongs will live on, but not as a part of something much bigger, much more diverse! After all, I still spend an awful lot of time shooting weddings with my fellow photographers, why stop there? - Alec